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Read this article about the shortage of skilled workforce in the German economy, and its demand for skilled labour immigration :


Skills shortage - Handelsblatt Global Edition


The new German coalition government has decided to improve the regulatory framework for immigration. Skilled labour migration will be further facilitated, and bureaucracy will be reduced. Below you will find the details as laid down in the coalition government treaty of February 7th, 2018 :


Our country needs suitable and qualified professionals in large numbers. No workplace should remain vacant, because there is a lack of skilled workers. 
We have already significantly improved and simplified the migration of skilled workers to Germany in recent years. The need for skilled labour migration is expected to increase in the next few years due our good economic development and the declining number of young people entering the labour force.

That's why we will set up a regulatory framework to control immigration into the labour market and the associated right of residence, and develop legislation that is oriented to the needs of our economy. In the new regulations we will summarize the existing regulations, make them more transparent, and where necessary, more efficient.

Decisive factors to consider will be the needs of our economy, qualifications, age, language, as well as evidence of a specific job offer and securing a livelihood.

We understand qualified people to be both graduates from colleges or universities, and immigrants with qualified vocational training or a high level of professional knowledge. An equivalence check of the professional or academic qualifications of the specialists should take place as far as possible without long waiting times. The priority for German or EU nationals as job applicants will be waived unless the provincial governments wish to continue the priority assessments in districts with high unemployment.
This does not affect the examination of working conditions for equivalence by the Federal Employment Agency.
With a cleverly managed immigration policy for skilled workers, we support the creation of jobs in Germany, and noticeably reduce the attractiveness of illegal and uncontrolled immigration.
To be able to respond adequately to developments in our labour market, we will make sure to maintain national regulatory options for immigration into the labour market.






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