Welcome to German Immigration Consultancy - the first immigration consultancy which is based in Germany. We are local immigration consultants and lawyers, specialised in visa, work permit, EU Blue Card, permanent residence, business set up and foreign investment, citizenship and naturalisation proceedings. Being located at your destination, we are determined to give you the best available expertise and service to get you to the heart of Europe.

NEWS : German citizenship act opens more opportunities for persons with German descent to acquire citizenship



- Do you have a parent of German origin, who was German citizen at the time of your birth irrespectively of the birth date ?

- Are you born after 23.05.1949 and before 01.01.1975 ?

- Do you have parents or grandparents of German origin, who lost German citizenship after marriage with a foreigner before you were born ?

- Have your parents or grandparents lost citizenship due to laws or actions during the Nazi regime between 1933 and 45, irrespectively of the date of your birth ?

- Are you born after 23.05.1949 and before 01.04.1953, and have you lost the German citizenship which you had originally acquired at birth, for example because your German parent and you received a foreign citizenship through naturalisation afterwards ?


You are very likely eligible to obtain German citizenship and passport, if one of the above applies to you, and you can retain your foreign citizenship, subject to the respective citizenship rules in your home country


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About Germany


Germany is one of the leading nations in Europe and the world in regard to economic strength, prosperity, social welfare, environmental standards, rule of right, democratic standards and personal freedom.

Germany - Wikipedia




Germany has the strongest economy in Europe (source : EUROSTAT) :

 "There were 52 regions which recorded primary income per inhabitant that was at least 22.500 € in 2013. The majority (27) of these regions were located in Germany, including the second, third and fourth highest figures which were recorded in Upper Bavaria, Stuttgart and Hamburg". GDP at regional 



The German province of Bavaria is rated number 7 in the top economic hubs ranking in the EU Regional competitiveness statistics.


Munich, the capital of Bavaria, has a strong labour market, offers high quality of life and is a popular tourist destination staging the world famour Okotoberfest :


München: Wo das Life den meisten Style hat. - Germany Travel






Who we are


We are based in Munich in the province of Bavaria. Founded in 2016, we are the first consultancy in Germany focused on immigration matters such as visa, work permits, EU Blue Card, permanent residence, business set up and foreign investment, domicile services for foreign businesses, citizenship and naturalisation. Our proceedings are based on the latest German and EU legislative standards, we are small and efficient to minimise bureaucratic barriers, and permanently improve our working standards and processes. 



Why are we different to other agencies ?


Germany has developed into one of the top destinations for immigration in the world. It is ranked as number one in Europe, and worldwide as number two after USA, before Canada and Australia.

Most other immigration agencies offering services for Germany are not located in Germany. We are convinced, that the agencies located outside Germany will never reach the level of expertise that we have, because we are homebased in the country that you want to come to.



What specific benefits do we provide ?


  • We have no language barriers when dealing with the immigration and other authorities in Germany, and the German consulates abroad
  • We have best knowledge of the latest local labour market development and conditions for foreign labour immigration
  • We can ensure to have always current state of knowledge of the national political and legal framework in our home base Germany
  • As part of the local business community we are familiar with the market conditions, and we know the laws and regulations of business set up or investment by foreigners
  • We are familiar with the informal, unwritten rules in dealing with our competent authorities, which a foreign agency will never have
  • As a German company, and being German nationals, we are subject to the German rules and regulations. So are the immigration authorities. Therefore we operate on the same legal basis, and on eye level with the authorities and their decision makers.

Willkommen in Deutschland !